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11 Technology Trailblazers to Watch in 2021

Follow these individuals for cutting-edge technology insight.

Technology is constantly evolving – with that in mind, sometimes cybersecurity, cloud, and data can feel more like pain points than solutions.

Integration initiatives and transformation projects are difficult and take time. To increase the odds of success, we use a straightforward proven delivery process:

  1. Align – Ensure your organization is aligned on the vision and the solution
  2. Define – The more clearly defined your goals, the more likely they are to become a reality.
  3. Deliver – Collaborate with skilled resources and partners to do the work, and do the work right.

Staying up-to-speed on the technology landscape is the bread and butter of alignment. And one of the best ways to do this is by leaning on the expertise of industry leaders and consuming their specialized perspectives.

So, who are these people? We compiled a list of the top technology experts to follow in today’s evolving tech world.

Glen Gilmore

Principal, Gilmore Business Network

Called “a man of action” by TIME Magazine, Glen is a renowned strategist, influencer, and entrepreneur in the fields of healthcare strategy, brand management, data and digital engineering, emerging tech, and other industries.


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Kanika Tolver

Cloud Consultant, Brand DMV, Inc.

Kanika is a CEO, best-selling author, entrepreneur, celebrated speaker, and gifted software architect with extensive experience in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and solutions management.

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Kirk Borne

Chief Science Officer, DataPrime, Inc.

Kirk is a data scientist, astrophysicist, TED speaker, and one of the world’s premier artificial intelligence influencers in the field of digital technology and transdisciplinary data science research.


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Ronald Van Loon

Principal Analyst, CEO, Intelligent World

Ronald is not only an analyst and speaker, but he is also an entrepreneur and founder of Intelligent World, a platform dedicated to helping technology professionals connect and share content. A dedicated and strategic leader, he helps data-driven companies reach their business goals.


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Shelly DeMotte Kramer

Principal Analyst & Founding Partner, Futurum Research & Analysis

Shelly is a tech analyst, digital transformation specialist, and content creator specializing in translating the language of digital advancement and changing environments to a broader audience.


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Bob Carver

Principal Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence & Analytics, Verizon

Bob is a thought-leader, cybersecurity expert, and speaker who creates content and architectural frameworks around the latest trends and advancements in the cybersecurity and technology industries.


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Fru Louis

Senior Solutions Engineer, Snowflake

Fru is a Midwestern technologist and content creator who loves sharing his wisdom on digital technology and data advancements. As a consultant, he helps companies of all sizes determine and reach their digital transformation objectives.


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Christina Morillo

Author & Editor, 97 Things (Every InfoSec Pro Should Know)

InfoSec practitioner, author, and information security expert, Christina combines her savvy tech experience with dynamic leadership skills to help inform businesses on the latest digital advancements.

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Tim Crawford

CIO Strategic Advisor, AVOA

Tim is a strategic advisor who specializes in CIO dynamics. A well-known influencer, he also runs a CIO-focused podcast that discusses technology advancements and their impacts on leadership teams.

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Rich Miller

Founder & Editor, Data Center Frontier

As the founder of the Data Center Frontier, Rich educates readers about the ever-evolving world of technology, including cloud computing, information security, and industry trends and dynamics.


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Christina Ayiotis

Cybersecurity, Privacy, & Emerging Tech Attorney

Recognized as one of the top experts in cybersecurity today, Christina is celebrated for her expertise in the technology field. Her combined backgrounds as a cybersecurity attorney and global business consultant make her an invaluable resource in the digital technology community.

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Celebrating Technology Trailblazers

The tech industry is broad, covering verticals from telehealth to big data. When we take a look at the thought leaders in this space, each one is committed to providing people with a solution that impacts everyday life. Stay up to date with these eleven influencers and top technology trends by following them on social media.

Learn more about Concord’s technology approach here.

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