Concord Origin Story: Artur Dzhalalov

In the world of comic books, origin stories inform the reader of the identity and motivations of heroes and villains (thankfully, we only have the former here). Like Spider-Man or Captain American, your origin story is important as it defines who you are today. Learn about the experiences, people, and influences that shaped Concord's Artur Dzhalalov by reading below! 

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Where did you grow up?

Moscow, Russia.

What is your favorite family tradition?

Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house. We didn't celebrate Thanksgiving in Russia. Since moving to the United States, it has become my favorite tradition. A food coma and Black Friday shopping...I love it! 

Who has had the greatest influence on your life? 

My brother, Arsen. He inspired and supported my family's move to the United States. Without him, I would still live in Moscow and be working an IT job that requires long hours and offers poor pay. 

How did you end up in your current career?

After working as a PC handyman for family and friends, I got my first job as a system administrator. That resulted in a 12-year career in IT, but without an advanced degree, I reached a certain limit. I needed to improve my life with a better and stable job, so I came to the United States to earn a degree. I was originally looking to become an electrical engineer, but my friend who is a college professor changed my mind after taking his Introduction to Programming class.

What is your favorite food?

Steak. More specifically, a medium-rare ribeye with beans and bacon on the side. 

What is your favorite hobby?

I love fixing things, especially things with a combustion engine and two or four wheels.

When was a moment you felt most accomplished?

When I received my bachelor's degree. I was a bad student when I was younger. Initially, I was the only person in my family without a degree. My parents are medics and my brother is a nuclear physicist, so earning a bachelor's degree from an overseas university with a 4.0 felt like a great accomplishment. I'm also glad my kids saw me go to school, study, and work all at the same time. Now the can't complain about how hard school is! 

What advice would you give your younger self? 

You can do anything if you believe in yourself! And, of course, buy as much Bitcoin as you can. 


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