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The Top 5 Application Security Pain Points

It’s no surprise that application security is difficult. 
Based on our experience in the trenches, these are the five biggest problems most organizations are struggling with today:

Too Many Security Defects

Development teams are overwhelmed by an influx of defects identified by security teams and the prioritization of fixes poses significant risk to project timeline and cost. 

Increasing Security and Regulatory Requirements

As technology advances and we better understand organizational threats, there’s an increase of regulatory compliance requirements, enhanced security frameworks, and moving targets of security best-practices to maintain. Often, these requirements are poorly communicated and rarely translated to a format that supports the development life-cycle.

Informal & Inconsistent Open Source Strategy

Open Source allows organizations to dramatically increase speed and velocity of software development efforts, however, issues around protecting the Software Supply Chain – including vulnerability management, change management, and licensing – often prove to be the “weak links".

Lack of DevSecOps Expertise

DevSecOps relies on close integration of several rapidly-changing tools, each requiring expertise in multiple technologies. These skills are difficult to find and leverage across the organization, which forces each team to design their own pipelines and workflows…leading to unnecessarily costly and inconsistent processes.

Reactive Incident Response Strategy

Most security response teams are too overwhelmed to adequately handle the influx of incidents they face. Timely detection of malicious activities combined with strategies to protect and isolate sensitive data can be the difference between a security event and a security breach.

Closing Thoughts

Application security is a constantly moving target as threats become more prevalent and more prominent in priority. Most organizations are experiencing one, if not many, of the struggles listed above. The sooner application security becomes a priority for your organization, the safer your enterprise will be. 


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