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Twin Cities Support Guide

Here are a few ways to help mend the Twin Cities.

The past few weeks have been extraordinarily difficult for the people of Minnesota. The tragic death of George Floyd filled us with sadness and the subsequent destruction of our city broke our hearts for the community it impacted. In the midst of so much pain and devastation, it is encouraging to see an outpouring of help from individuals supplying resources, donating funds, and volunteering. If you are looking for ways to get involved, here’s a few places to start:

Donate Money

  • Hunger Solutions. Donate to help state and federal government programs tackle hunger on a large scale for those 1 in 12 Minnesotans who are food insecure.
  • Loaves & Fishes. No questions asked, Loaves & Fishes provides free, healthy meals to Minnesotans in areas where the need is greatest. Learn more about their programs, donate now, or volunteer to help serve meals.
  • Midtown Global Market Mend. Help rebuild the Midtown Global Market neighborhood representing 45 small businesses.
  • Support the Cities. Help connect volunteers across the Twin Cities and meet needs as they arise, as executed by team members from the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis.
  • We Love Lake Street. Donate to help rebuild and reopen Lake Street businesses and nonprofits.
  • Better Together MPLS. A group of small businesses from the Twin Cities, including Paddle North, Sotastick, and Great Lakes Northern Outfitters, joined together to raise money for Lake Street in Minneapolis. Donations of $30+ receive a free t-shirt and 100% of proceeds go directly to rebuilding efforts led by Urban Ventures.


Supply Resources

  • City of Minneapolis. Check here for the latest list of locations accepting and handing out donations across the Twin Cities.
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Minneapolis. Weather permitting, Holy Trinity is receiving donations and distributing food and supplies each weekday.
  • YMCA Twin Cities. The YMCA is supporting donations through a “take what you need, leave what you can” approach to basic necessities.


Volunteer Time

  • Good Grocer. A not-for-profit business providing a new delivery system for quality, healthy food at affordable prices, Good Grocer is re-opening on 26th & Nicollet Ave. Now more than ever, their mission is necessary to help alleviate the food desert created in areas of Minneapolis. Hear the latest update from founder Kurt Vickman, learn how to donate, and volunteer.
  • TreeHouse. On a mission to end hopelessness among teens, TreeHouse offers grace-based programs and environments where teens learn about faith, resiliency, healthy relationships, and build a plan for their future. Learn more about their mission, donate, or become a mentor.
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