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Improving Customer Experience Through Salesforce

Key takeaways from Salesforce World Tour NYC.

Concord joined Salesforce customers, partners, and prospects at Salesforce World Tour NYC. Making an appearance in a number of cities around the world, Salesforce World Tour is a one-day event that dives into the world of IT and highlights how to impress customers with experiences that define the future of success. 

The Concord team had the opportunity to discover the newest Salesforce products and learn how businesses across all industries are building customer-centric companies. Our biggest takeaway? Combining AI, Data Cloud, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will accelerate growth, increase employee productivity, and transform customer experiences. 

Create a Winning Customer Experience with Generative AI

Generative AI is a trending topic across all industries as it’s helping users increase productivity in the workplace and build autonomous enterprises. While the use of AI is growing exponentially, it raises real questions about its trustworthiness. Does AI truly know your company and your customers?

Einstein GPT is Salesforce’s generative AI technology that delivers AI-created content across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT. The technology leverages the Data Cloud and Customer 360 to generate content that adapts to changing customer information and needs in real time. AI enhances business workflows and automates manual processes, but Salesforce emphasized that human interaction to oversee the process is still important. 

Abhishek Srivastava, Vice President of Delivery at SwiftWIN, a Concord Company, emphasized that companies shouldn’t be afraid of AI. Instead, they should harness the transformative potential of the technology. 

“Generative AI is proving to be the next inflection point of technology advancement towards harnessing the power of an enterprise’s data and knowledge base. Every successful business thrives on customer satisfaction. Every business wants its customer asks and queries addressed with as much speed and precision as possible,” Abhishek said. “Generative AI promises to provide that power to a business’ CRM workforce to make them more effective and efficient in taking care of customer needs.”

Better Understand Your Customer Using Data Cloud

Your company’s AI is only as good as the data underpinning it. When building a customer-centric company, it’s essential to start with clean data – which is easier said than done. Organizations tend to have lots of data, but a common challenge is connecting it in a useful way to drive insightful information. To deliver a great customer experience, data needs to be actionable, in real time, and at scale.

Salesforce’s Data Cloud is an active platform that unifies all customer data across systems to help organizations unlock key insights. The platform updates in real time so your team can truly understand who your customer is and how they’re interacting with your business.

“According to Marc Beinoff, CEO of Salesforce, Data Cloud is going to be the next ‘Big Thing.’ Data Cloud can connect to multiple disparate data sources with OOTB connectors, which is similar to what can be found in MuleSoft. Business users can then perform the data mapping through visual transformation tools into a harmonized data model,” Abhishek said. “The data is then unified to get the most accurate representation of the data entities like Customer and Product. Once the data is unified, you can perform analytics and visualization on the data using Tableau embedded in Data Cloud itself.”

You can use this information to provide next best actions and cater to your customer base on a consistent basis. 

Build 360-Degree View of Your Customer

A CRM platform connects a company’s AI and data. Customer 360, Salesforce’s CRM platform, connects data across all touchpoints to deliver a unified view of a customer. During the conference, Salesforce highlighted that AI, Data Cloud, and CRM come together to create a powerful, trusted platform that provides the most relevant recommendations. As a trio, the platforms: 

Connect – The Data Cloud allows your business to connect their data, from any source, with out-of-the-box connectors. 

Personalize – You can then personalize customer interactions by having a unified profile that adapts to activity in real time. 

Scale – Finally, you can scale, build, and deploy AI and automated experience across services to better connect with customers. 

“It has been truly amazing to see how Salesforce’s long term vision is coming true. Enterprises today have a real need to make the customer the center of everything. Salesforce is combining the strength of its tools and cloud platform to help enterprises achieve that goal,” Abhisek said. 

If you’re looking to improve customer experience using Salesforce, contact Concord. Our deep technology and engineering capabilities enable us to deliver “right-fit” solutions to your most complex transformational needs across Commerce, Digital Experience, and Data.  

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