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Key Salesforce Trends to Watch in 2024

From AI-driven customer experiences to blockchain security and industry-specific CRM solutions, let’s dive into the key technologies that will shape Salesforce this year. 

Salesforce consistently introduces cutting-edge technologies that empower organizations to stay ahead of evolving market demands. Following an exciting year of announcements, anticipation for 2024 is high. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud upgrades on the horizon, let's explore the prominent Salesforce trends that will define this year. 

1. Elevating Customer Experiences with AI

In an era marked by intense competition, personalization has shifted from being a luxury to a business necessity. In 2023, we witnessed AI playing a significant role in shaping the customer experience. Customers are increasingly relying on product recommendations driven by predictive AI, while businesses are experimenting with generative AI to support customer service agents, personalize marketing content, and enhance operational efficiencies.

In 2024, customer loyalty will continue to be a key driver of growth as acquiring new customers becomes increasingly expensive. This success hinges on providing exceptional customer experiences and implementing loyalty programs to identify and retain valuable customers. Salesforce Einstein AI will be instrumental in helping businesses thrive in 2024 by providing actionable insights. Successful marketers will embrace Einstein AI across campaigns, content, and analytics to:

  • Streamline content planning, facilitating faster campaign briefs, text, and image creation.
  • Expedite segment creation and personalize campaigns for greater impact.
  • Address the challenges posed by unstructured data to create more relevant engagements.

Given the growing importance of first-party data, trust will be at the forefront of marketers' minds. Viral Munshi, Vice President of Technology at Concord, says Salesforce will navigate this new technology landscape while continuing to build trust with their customers and ensuring that their brand reputations are upheld at all times. 

“While dealing with customer data and leveraging AI capabilities, data privacy and adhering to privacy laws become an utmost priority for marketers. Salesforce’s AI capabilities take care of these two aspects in everything they do, which allows marketers to focus on the business without the burden of privacy risks,” Viral says.  

2. Enhancing Data Privacy and Security through Blockchain

The widespread adoption of cloud infrastructure and applications has significantly enhanced scalability and efficiency. However, this surge in technological integration has also created a pressing need for robust data security. In today's dynamic landscape, organizations are increasingly calling for comprehensive security measures capable of safeguarding their data across various domains.

Blockchain, known for its secure and transparent nature, emerges as a powerful solution for data protection. Salesforce's exploration of blockchain technology in 2023 aimed to elevate data integrity and security standards. Projections indicate that the Blockchain market will generate $94 billion USD by 2027 (MarketsandMarkets™), signaling an anticipated widespread adoption of Blockchain solutions across all Salesforce sectors.

By leveraging Salesforce's low-code platform, customers can effectively use Blockchain to securely share verified and dispersed data across a network of Salesforce clients and third parties. The integration of Blockchain into the Salesforce ecosystem will bolster data security, streamline supply chain management, and provide immutable records of transactions. This integration is set to establish a new benchmark for what businesses can expect from CRM solutions in terms of security and trust.

3. Advancing Industry-Specific CRM Solutions

Salesforce serves diverse sectors, including financial services, healthcare & life sciences, manufacturing, and retail. To cater more specifically to the unique needs of these business verticals, Salesforce is strategically enhancing its CRM and cloud capabilities with industry-specific depth.

Notably, Salesforce Health Cloud underwent significant enhancements in 2023. These improvements strengthened its predictive analytics for personalized patient care, improved interoperability for seamless data sharing, and tightly integrated with telehealth services. Looking ahead, we anticipate the introduction of even more advanced features, potentially incorporating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to provide immersive patient experiences.

As the Health Care Provider industry continues to consolidate and scale, it will drive the demand for better and more integrated patient service systems. John Murphey, Executive Director of Healthcare Strategy at Concord, highlighted that Salesforce provides the backbone for health systems that are increasingly focused on efficient and high-quality patient contact centers, patient scheduling, and care management outreach.

“The platform’s strength in contact and process management – and its world-class features for data management, integrated chat, process automation, and web portals – will make it a go-to solution for providers looking to enhance their service functionality,” John says. “Overall, every provider will have a goal for a 360-degree view of their patients, as well as those patients’ contacts with the health system, and Salesforce is a solid system backbone for making that comprehensive view possible."

Salesforce’s industry clouds will continue to fast-track digital transformation by providing tailored solutions that enhance customer experiences, advance data discovery, streamline operations, and improve overall business efficiency.

“Salesforce’s industry cloud offerings are a great way to achieve a significantly fast go-to-market strategy for complex business process automation and digitization for various industries without investing excessive resources in custom-built applications,” Viral says. 

Shaping the Future with Salesforce

Salesforce will continue to push boundaries in 2024 with their advancements in AI, hyper-personalization, blockchain, and industry-specific cloud solutions.

Our experts are ready to help you harness the power of these top Salesforce trends. Contact us today to learn how you can maximize the potential of your Salesforce investment and stay ahead of the competition in 2024 and beyond.

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