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Key Takeaways from Adobe Summit 2023: Building a Future with CX-Led Growth

Marketers should embrace these AI-based tools to improve customer experiences.


More than 10,000 people gathered at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas in March to learn about the latest technologies helping companies create better customer experiences to increase revenue. During the conference, experts in the experience space reinforced how it’s more critical than ever to focus digital efforts on personalization. Especially at a time when customer expectations for brand experiences rise exponentially. To meet these expectations, companies must implement new technologies and embrace channels that provide personalized experiences at scale.

Marketing teams looking to drive innovation must also merge marketing strategies with technology. Adobe is concentrated on bridging the gap between digital marketing and digital products with tools that improve the end-to-end customer experience and enable companies to do more with less. 

Accelerating Content Velocity with Generative AI

Another key theme pointed to the proliferation of digital channels as a key driver for the rapid increase in consumer demand for personalized content. This pushes organizations to prioritize building content management capabilities that enable quick, seamless engagement with customers across all channels. Generative AI is emerging as the top trending technology capable of improving productivity, results, and efficiency by generating personalized marketing content.

Carey Wilkins, President of Evolytics, a Concord company, noted that companies should consider leveraging AI if they want to achieve their growth objectives.

“Generative AI is disrupting and automating the content supply chain,” Wilkins said. “Every enterprise seeking to drive innovation is building capabilities around this. If you haven’t started your AI journey yet, the time is now.”

Generative AI can augment and automate tasks at every stage of the content supply chain. Adobe delivers generative AI-powered automation across Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP), Adobe Target, and Adobe Analytics. Evolytics, a Concord company, can help organizations integrate and activate these platforms to produce scalable, personalized experiences in real time.

Connecting Across the Customer Journey

Building a successful personalization strategy starts with the ability to leverage deep insights across channels and engage with customers through meaningful experiences. Adobe helps marketing teams achieve this through applications like Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Real-Time CDP, and Journey Optimizer.

Powered by the Adobe Experience Platform, these connected applications provide teams with real-time, cross-channel data that provides conversion insights, optimizes experiences, and predicts future needs. Traditional systems deliver deep insights, but the window to act on that data in the moment is short. By creating a single, actionable view of consumers, the Adobe Experience Platform enables teams to quickly build and deploy personalized experiences across any channel.

After attending the conference, Joey Nachinson, Associate Director of Analytics Development, believes the platform can help organizations deliver optimized customer experiences.

“The Adobe Experience Platform is truly transformative,” Nachinson said. “The combination of using Customer Journey Analytics, Journey Optimizer, Real-Time CDP, and the Edge Network demonstrates the most powerful and effective use of optimization and targeting I have ever seen. It was eye opening to see how many businesses are already using real-time data, whether on- or offline, to instantaneously target [customers] with various forms of messaging, media, or alter their digital experience.”

With the right implementation, Adobe applications can help businesses make data-driven decisions that improve customer experience, which ultimately helps increase conversions, grow retention rates, and boost bottom lines.

Leveraging Adobe Platforms to Improve the Customer Experience

Teams that digitize their marketing projects and leverage customer data to create personalized content will find the most success. Bethany Hartley, Vice President of Professional Services, states that leveraging Adobe’s new tools can be an impactful step toward staying ahead of customer preferences.

“At Summit, Adobe reinforced its leading position for customer-centric, data-driven experiences,” Hartley said. “We've seen the power of Customer Journey Analytics and Real-Time CDPs already, and with new features coming out—such as Product Analytics—this combination will become more powerful. We're excited to work with our clients on developing and activating their personalization roadmaps with Adobe's latest and greatest tools.”

Adobe Summit offered a renewed perspective on how companies can activate smart decision-making and deliver more impactful customer experiences. If you’re looking to integrate Adobe across your experience stack, contact Concord. Our proven expertise with Adobe applications and capabilities will help you understand what customers want and deliver those personalized experiences at scale.

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