Insights from Alteryx Inspire 2022

Making Data Accessible to All

Every year data is doubling in amount.[1] As a result, data analysis is increasingly necessary. After all, information is only as powerful as the insight it can offer. Efficient interpretation of data enables us to know exactly how, where, and when to apply it.

While the value of data analytics is widely championed, it’s often a complicated – almost mystical – arena in the business world. In response to these analytics anxieties, organizations are developing and evolving tools to make data analysis easier and more accessible. Enter Alteryx.

What is Alteryx?

Alteryx leads in designing tech tools that support analysts in helping their organization manage and apply their data in thoughtful ways. Alteryx's tools use a canvas with click and drag features, which allows users to visually program data. Condensing the process for data analytics to just a few seconds, the technology saves users time and energy. Through Alteryx, analysts can ultimately design data transformation pipelines that enable fast and easy transformations of information. Organizations are able to encounter fewer barriers to data analytics when employing tools like Alteryx.

To increase accessibility, Alteryx created their tech tools to be user-friendly for those new to coding. This is critical, as analysts are increasingly difficult to find. By avoiding a heavy reliance on technical skill, Alteryx is cultivating a community that embraces users at any stage of their analytics journey.

Alteryx 2022, Analytics for All

Inspired by data democratization, Alteryx spearheaded their belief that data should be accessible to everyone at their 2022 Inspire Conference themed “Analytics for All.” Broad regulations on information collection can encourage data monopolies that allow for powerhouse companies to maneuver complicated and unclear laws in ways smaller organizations simply cannot – often because of a lack of resources.[1]

Making data more accessible encourages data literacy amongst all members of an organization, enabling employees of various skill levels and expertise to effectively work with impactful information. Ultimately, dissolving any one person’s ability to hold excessive power over an organization’s data that is material to its growth and evolution. A more ethical approach to data involves supporting “analytics for all.”

Ethical use of data begins with guaranteeing its accessibility, according to distinguished data scientist Kelsey Kincaid. As a decorated analyst for Evolytics, a digital analytics consulting firm acquired by Concord, Kelsey has spent five years becoming well acquainted with Alteryx and attended their 2022 Inspire Conference as a session leader. Through a live demonstration of Alteryx, Kelsey taught users and prospective users alike how to aggregate data from social media easily and efficiently.

Stronger Communities Emerging from Alteryx Inspire

Sessions like those led by Kelsey exemplify how user-friendly analytics helps build stronger communities of data analysts. Unlike other conferences led by analytics software developers, Alteryx’s 2022 Inspire Conference aimed to bring those interested in data-driven decision making together to innovate and collaborate.

From healthcare to retail organizations, Alteryx speaks to a wide range of industries and audiences. The technology’s versatility makes it universally valuable. At the conference, both experienced and new users collaborated on transformative ideas that advance Alteryx’s application. Presenters cited previous Alteryx conferences as the space in which their ideas were born – community inspires greater possibilities for the future of data analytics and analysts.

Conference attendees also gathered to learn more about Alteryx’s capacity to offer real-time perspective into data. In mere moments, organizations can fully understand their customers, what matters to them, and how to engage them as people first. The emphasis Alteryx places on caring for the people producing the data makes them attractive to companies like JP Morgan, who actively acquire talent with Alteryx experience.

Empowering Analytics for All at the Workplace

Employees want companies that value Alteryx just as much as companies want employees who are Alteryx-savvy. During the conference, attendees expressed that Alteryx made their work more enjoyable, making the tool promising for promoting employee satisfaction. It is understood that people perform their jobs with greater care when they are satisfied with their employee experiences. By using Alteryx, employees can drive insights to help their organization progress. Conference-goers shared that Alteryx helps bolster greater confidence in their contributions and capability. 

Collection of data is happening at an exponential rate. The 2022 Alteryx Inspire Conference shows that what matters most is our ability to use data with care and intention.

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